Shiatsu Acupressure for Health Course

The fabulous Shiatsu Acupressure for Health Course with Aberdeen School of Shiatsu will start in January 2019.

Please contact Laura Davison on for more details.

Its the first part of a three year PT training in Shiatsu. The first seven weekends (one per month) will give you the tools to practice on friends and family, using the map of the 5 Elements to underpin the development of skilful healing touch a la Shiatsu. We also give, within the context of the 5 Elements, an understanding of how foods create health and dis-ease and, for that matter, how how foods work with establishing a more stable mind body connection.

We have been teaching Shiatsu forever and a day, as they say, that is to say that between Laura Davison, myself and Marie Lamont, we have been teaching Shiatsu for over 70 years, meaning that we have made Shiatsu life experience that might be worth being with and learning from.

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