Open Floor Conscious Movement Practice

Open Floor Conscious Movement Practice is an invitation to see the dance floor (and Life) like a blank canvas and by consciously moving and dancing we experience life and we find and create Resources that help us live more fully in the now and less tethered to the past and its fears and grudges.

We contextualise and start our journey into a more fully embodied presence with Body Articulation practices, and we explore what we call the Core Movement Resources (CMR).  We move towards something we want or like and we tend to move away from something that is despicable i.e., we explore working clearly with intention, grounding, centring, activate and settle, expand and contract, release and dissolve, spatial awareness and Pause.

To me Open Floor is a bit like the Poem by Rumi that is called ‘The Guest House’…in short, all is welcome in the context of working with Awareness, all is welcome. And that sounds nice and its not such an easy job, at times at least.

For me, the dance floor has always been a place of refuge, as place where I can dance out what is inside, a place where I can be free, stuck, angry, sad, happy and its been a happy training ground for being in the world, where not all that is welcome.