Love Yoga

Together with my friend Rebecca Murray I run Love Yoga, a lovely Yoga studio in the heart of Aberdeen. We have about 5 Teachers teaching a variety of styles from Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow to Krichnamacharya and Yin Yoga. The beauty of variety is obvious, diversity is a strength:)

I started Yoga in and around 1985/6, with Iyengar Yoga my first approach. Later I started practicing Tibetan Yoga (vigorous nervous system cleansing). In 1995/6 I taught Yoga in the prison and the following 14 years in a social work setting, all of which required me to be mentally flexible and follow the physical abilities that were in from of me, which meant I developed much seated Yoga expertise!!

Big influences for me: Erich Schiffmann and Godfrey Devereux (with whom I finally did my Teacher Training in Dynamic Yoga, a beautiful, precise approach)

But first and foremost: Yoga is about inquiry into Life, Mind, Self, being present with what is actually happening best we can, its not about how flexible we are!!