Biophoton emissions and Shiatsu

I am reading a fascinating book on Biophotons, in German!! Quite a difficult read cause of its scientific languaging …but….totally inspiring to see how science can demonstrate that we are truly beings of light and that this light is probably stored in our DNA. When we work with Shiatsu or Acupuncture or truly any healing with Awareness, I think, we engage with qualities of Light, through he light of Awareness. Acupuncture points can be taken pictures of with sensitive camera equipment and one will see these Biophoton emissions, similarly these emissions can be seen as whole meridians lighting up….so that when we bring the Light of our Awareness to healing, to anything perhaps, we literally work with THAT….

som many previously only thought of as mystical experiences or descriptions of experience can thus be seen and understood in a ‘new light” (sorry, had to!!)

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